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IdentaZone Inc. Partners

IdentaZone Inc. welcomes all advanced technology biometric service providers (BSP's) as partners. We do not compete with any BSP for biometric solution market share but rather, by making the adoption and use of biometrics easy for our clients and prospects, work for the benefit of all industry members.

We offer our partners a state of the art middleware engine that addresses your clients’ needs for fast, simple and cost effective solutions that are interoperable and customizable, that no longer require custom integration and provide the broadest range of solutions. As a result, it permits joint solutions not before possible for the benefit of clients and partners. And finally, it provides clients with the peace of mind that any decision made today can grow and evolve without needing to mothball the current systems.

By collaborating as partners we demonstrate strength to leading industries that are considering broader adoption of biometrics, such as financial services, law enforcement and healthcare. This strength creates confidence and increases the chance that biometric adoption will be accelerated.

Contact us through this partner hotlink for specific information

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